Kacey Enterprises, Inc. is in the Industrial Machinery Business to seek profit by providing best-in-class professional service to our customers, principals, and clients. We provide excellent customer service and sales/marketing support for top quality manufacturing organizations. Our mission is anchored to provide these services while always looking to produce cost reducing efficiencies for our customers.

We don’t normally just see vendors due to time constraints. You( Jonathon White), however, are viewed as an important supplier/partner and are welcome to work with us anytime

by Purchasing Agent, Mobile Equipment Manufacturer

Innovative Ideas and Products

Kacey Enterprises have brought innovative ideas and products to solve our problems with bearing failures in harsh environments. One of their salespeople single handedly helped me to win a bet with the plant manager where I boasted there would be no bearing failures during our busy season.

by Maintenance Specialist of Food Processing Company in Illinois

Improved Our Quoting and Order Service

Motor Quoting & Order service has greatly improved, since Kacey took over that responsibility for us.

by Account Manager of Electric motor distributor in Wisconsin

They are a Good Group

The Kacey sales team is a good group and does a very good job selling our products.

by Sales Manager, Kacey Enterprises Principle

Timely, Thoughtful, and Knowledgable

Kacey Enterprises has been servicing our company for a long time.  They have always proved to be timely, thoughtful, and knowledgable when we need information about the products they represent.  Since we have known them, they have grown to be a much bigger more capable group, which helps us.

by Distributor Branch Manager, Wisconsin